Ignition Interlocks for All DUI Offenders?


Last December, State Senator Jerry Hill revealed a new law that would require the installation of ignition interlock devices not just for repeat DUI offenders, but for all DUI offenders. This legislation has not yet been voted on, but has already gained support from many lawmakers and law enforcement agencies.

California would not be the first state to pass such a law. As of right now, four other states-Louisiana, New Mexico, Oregon, and Arizona-have passed similar policies and have already reported startling statistics as a result. In fact, Senator Hill and his supporters are citing a number of statistics as to why this new requirement should pass.

Some DUI and ignition interlock statistics include:

  • Roughly a third of CA DUI offenses are repeat offenses.
  • The Center of Disease Control estimates ignition interlocks reduce DUI charges by 67%.
  • DUIs result in approximately 1,000 deaths a year in California.
  • States with such policies have seen DUI deaths drop between 35 and 43%.

Continuing Change in California DUI Policy

Senator Hill is not the first lawmaker in recent memory to strengthen the state's DUI policies. Since 2010, laws expanding and bolstering DUI penalties have happened nearly every year. Senator Hill is no stranger to this issue, either. Along with other DUI reform he helped present and pass, he also put forth similar interlock legislation in 2013, a motion that was blocked by the California DUI Lawyers Association.

It's yet to be seen if this new interlock policy will be passed, but its support seems unflagging. As those in favor of the change are quick to point out, the Center of Disease Control, AAA, and the National Transportation Safety Board have been recommending this kind of zero-tolerance interlock policy for years.

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