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Are you facing criminal charges connected with theft crimes in the Fremont area? Are you worried about what will happen to you during the criminal legal process? In any criminal matter, it is always in your best interests to be represented by a capable theft crimes attorney to ensure that your legal rights are protected, that you are treated fairly throughout, and that you have a strong defense.

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What are Theft Crimes?

Theft crimes encompass any type of activity that involves stealing, whether by using force, such as in armed robbery or by using deception, such as shoplifting or fraud. Some theft crimes may be charged as grand theft felonies or petit theft misdemeanors. Other theft crimes include embezzlement, burglary, robbery, identity theft, forgery, larceny, looting, and all types of fraud. Many varieties of fraud exist, such as investment, insurance, and business frauds, defrauding government agencies, financial institutions, and more.

What are the Penalties for Theft Crimes in California?

In the state of California, the penalties for theft crimes can be severe. The severity of the penalties largely depends on the context and location of the theft as well as the value of the amount of goods stolen. Regardless, you will be facing lengthy jail sentences, large fines, probation, and more. If you are suspected of theft crime, contact The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant right away to speak with our Fremont theft crimes lawyer.

Robbery vs Burglary - What`s The Difference?

  • Robbery is generally a crime that combines both assault and theft because of the use or threat of the use of force involved in this crime.
  • Burglary consists of illegally entering a structure with the intent to commit a theft or other crime. If the structure is inhabited, the crime is generally charged as burglary in the first degree.

The value of the property stolen generally divides grand theft from petty theft. If the property stolen is valued above $950, the crime is charged as grand theft.

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In any theft crime, you will need a competent criminal defense attorney, such as our Fremont theft crimes lawyer, to help minimize the negative consequences that may follow from such charges.

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