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While the juvenile justice system is largely geared towards treatment and rehabilitation of minors who commit crimes, many District Attorney's Offices are focused on punishing minors with harsh sentences. Juvenile court proceedings are different than adult criminal court.

If you are a parent of a minor facing criminal charges, you need to contact a Fremont criminal defense attorney who can begin your defense right away.

The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq. understand the long-term consequences that face many juveniles charged with criminal offenses. As a parent, you want a professional and resilient Fremont criminal defense attorney who will fight hard for your child. The firm can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a dedicated legal advocate on your side throughout this difficult time.

Common Juvenile Charges

In some cases, juvenile felonies can require a minor to be charged as an adult in adult court. Punishments can include being sent to the California Department of Corrections juvenile facilities where they may be forced to live until they reach 25 years of age.

Common juvenile crimes can include:

  • Robbery
  • DUI
  • Alcohol consumption or possession
  • Assault
  • Fighting in school
  • Vandalism
  • Drug offenses
  • Truancy
  • Running away from home

Our firm believes your child deserves a vigorous defense and can push for counseling and rehabilitation rather than imprisonment.

Protecting Your Child's Future

A skilled Fremont juvenile crime attorney can attempt to work with the prosecution to have them consider any alternative punishments which may be available.

Even before this, Attorney Arant can push back against criminal charges. Your child may have been falsely accused of a crime the same way any adult may be mistakenly accused of theft or assault. Accusations such as these deserve to be fully investigated because the firm knows what is at stake when you face criminal charges.

With a criminal record, your child could find themselves very limited in making important life-choices such as employment and pursuing college. The firm can fight hard to keep your child from being taken from you and having a criminal record at such a young age. Your child's future is on the line so get a Fremont criminal defense lawyer who will fight for them!

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