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First DUI Offense

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If you are facing a first DUI offense in Newark, Union City, or Fremont, you are most probably distressed and worried about what will happen to you. Will you lose your license and ability to drive to work? Will you go to jail? What will the financial burden be? How long will the legal process take? Your first order of business should be to contact a capable Fremont DUI lawyer who can walk you through the process, address your concerns, and start to work on investigating and taking apart the case against you.

We advise you to contact the Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant online or at (888) 561-2002 immediately so that we can handle such timely issues as requesting a DMV hearing to save your license.

Even though you have been arrested doesn't necessarily mean you will be convicted. Many DUI defense strategies exist, beginning with the initial arrest and why you were pulled over. Your Fremont DUI attorney can also request calibration records, maintenance reports, and accuracy checks of the equipment that was used in any chemical test. In blood tests, certain requirements must be followed in how blood is taken and preserved.

In any case against you, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. This must be proven through your driving behavior, your physical appearance, field sobriety tests, and the results of any chemical test. If any one of these factors cannot be adequately proven, then the case may not hold up and the charges against you could be dropped.

With a skilled attorney in your corner, your chances for a favorable result are greatly increased. Unlike you, Fremont DUI attorney Adam Allen Arant has been through all this many times before and knows how and what to do to defend your case. That is why we advise you to contact our firm as soon as possible after a first DUI offense.

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