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Fremont Violent Crimes Attorney

Defending Clients Who Are Facing Violent Crime Charges in Yolo County

Numerous innocent people are charged with violent crimes and deserve to be exonerated. Cases of mistaken identity, unreliable witnesses, fabricated evidence, sloppy police work, and other factors can lead to false charges of violent crimes. You need to fight such false charges to prevent a jail sentence and being labeled a violent felon.

A Fremont criminal defense lawyer can provide you with the legal advice and tenacious representation you need to avoid a conviction and jeopardizing your future. The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq. focuses exclusively on criminal defense matters and knows exactly what is needed to contest violent crime charges. The firm takes pride in its history of obtaining positive outcomes for its clients and can work to achieve the same for you.

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Violent Crime Cases We Handle

You need to act quickly in securing legal representation when accused of a violent crime. Charges are automatically elevated if a weapon was used, no matter the details of your crime.

The firm can challenge any clients charged with the following:

It is important that you speak with as few people as possible after being arrested. Prosecutors and police will attempt to elicit information from you in order to obtain a conviction.

It is critically important that you speak with a Fremont violent crime attorney before speaking with anyone about your charges, even if you are completely innocent.

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Even if you have not been charged with an offense but are under investigation, your best move is to call The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq. who can advise you right away and begin building your legal defense, including conducting an investigation of your charges.

Attorney Arant can cross-examine any witnesses to your alleged crime in order to discredit the prosecution's case. He understands California criminal law and what is needed to prevent a conviction. When your freedom is at stake, you want an experienced and trustworthy advocate on your side, and the firm provides just that!

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