Common Mistakes People Make When Arrested for a DUI


Facing a DUI charge is far from ideal for any person, and yet for whatever reason, it happens. What you choose to do after your arrest is going to make the world of a difference in your situation. It is important to be aware that law enforcement takes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol very seriously because it is a situation that will not only endanger the driver but also anyone around them. Here are a few common mistakes that people make when arrested for a DUI, don’t let this person be you, know that you have the right to challenge your charges!

Not hiring a DUI defense attorney is one of the many common mistakes people can make after an arrest. When facing charges for a DUI, first offense or multiple, hiring an attorney is an essential part of fighting the consequences of the law. If a person is convicted for driving under the influence, it may not only result in hefty fines or a suspended license, it may lead to time behind bars and because of this you want to take your future seriously, and hire a defense attorney who is skilled and experienced in handling this specific type of law.

Not understanding the seriousness of your charges is also another common mistake that DUI offenders may not realize. If convicted you may be left without a likes for months if not a year for a simple DUI charge. If an officer were to then pull you over after driving on a suspended license, the punishment continues to increase in severity. Time in jail is another serious consequence of a DUI; this will take you away from your work, your family and friends, as well as normal life. No person enjoys time behind bars, and therefore it is essential to fight those charges! With the help of an attorney, they will do whatever they can to uncover the details of the case and try to prove our innocence or at least seek less severe penalties. Don’t wait to contact one if this is you!

Driving on a suspended license, as stated above, is another possibility for those who are placed on probation after a DUI. Even if it is a simple accident that you got behind the wheel while on probation, the court will not see it that way. For example, if you were caught driving with a suspended license, after having been charged with a DUI, the fines you would owe would increase up to an additional $1000 including the possibility of even more jail time.

Not finding evidence to support your case often happens when a person who has been arrested try’s to defend themselves. As a free country, we have the right to challenge all charges, “innocent until proven guilty” as they say. Well with that, often times an average citizen does not have the ability or resources to investigate as a hired defense attorney would. By hiring an experienced defense attorney you will be utilizing your right to discover evidence to use in your defense, and not have to worry about how to do so. A defense attorney is a trained professional, and is likely to have people they work with who can look into specific sorts of information when dealing with a case.

Don’t wait another moment to contact a defense attorney if you have been accused of driving under the influence. Your future is at stake, and by hiring a professional there is a greater possibility of having a favorable outcome. At The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant we cannot make any guarantees for the outcome of a case, but we will do whatever we can to help you. Call us today to discuss your case, and being the fight against your DUI charges!

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