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The Truth About Field Sobriety Tests

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Of all the evidence that can be used against you in the DUI case, none is more fragile than field sobriety test (FST) results. These roadside tests are subjective exercises that only serve to provide officers with observable evidence of intoxication. Note that these tests occur before an arrest and that, despite what many police officers may have you think, citizens do not have to submit to them.

If you have already submitted to a field sobriety test and you believe that it contributed to your DUI charge, then our firm urges you to call us immediately. These tests have no legal regulation and an evaluation of your case by a skilled and experienced San Jose DUI lawyer may yield grounds for dismissal or a reduced charge.

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Methods to Suppress a Field Sobriety Test

Sobriety tests are procedures to collect evidence against you. If evidence is included in your DUI charge, then it is possible to challenge the probable cause in your case.

Common ways to challenge evidence include:

  • Showing that the driver submitted under threats or fear
  • Demonstrating the driver was stressed or frightened during test
  • Reporting any environmental factors that could have affected the test
  • Exposing any medication or pre-existing medical conditions that could have affected the test
  • Proving how subjective the tests are in court

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If you've already submitted to field sobriety tests and have been charged with DUI, then any possible motions to suppress those test results needs to be taken right away. This will require a practiced, thorough eye of proven legal counsel.

Start your defense today! If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI involving field sobriety test evidence, then we urge you to call our firm now.

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